About Us

Crystal Springs Cheese is excited to announce that our Goat Milk Feta was the winner in its class at the 2014 Canadian Cheese Awards!

We are a family operated cheese manufacturing facility. Crystal Springs Cheese has been in business for over 25 years, with our family assuming ownership in 2005. Our primary product is Feta Cheese, which we produce for distribution from coast to coast. Our plant is Federally licensed (CFIA) and we are in the process of becoming HACCP certified. Over the years we have been working on perfecting our recipe to ensure that our product is always consistent with minimal returns. Although Feta is our primary product, we also produce a variety of regular and flavored gouda cheese as well as soft unripened goats cheese (Chevre).

 We have our dairy next door and use our own milk for production. The Dairy part of our farm has been in operation since 2000. Our barn was rebuilt in 2008-2009 due to a fire that destroyed our barn and herd. The new operation has a double 10 rapid exit milking parlour and the barn has room for about 140 cows. A local farmer also supplies us with fresh Goats Milk for our Goats Milk Feta and Chevre.