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At Crystal Springs Cheese, Feta cheese is our specialty. The milk we use comes fresh every day from our dairy next door. With a creamy and tangy taste and smooth texture, this feta is perfect for crumbling on your Greek salad or on an Italian Pizza. Our goal is to produce fresh, consistent Feta with just the right amount of salt and with the tangy taste you would expect from a Greek style Feta. The process we have developed over the years is unique and we promise you that you will be able to tell the difference!

Hickory Smoked

Hickory Smoked
We take our best Gouda with a sweet smoky flavour and a creamy texture this is sure to become a personal favourite.


With a creamy texture and spicy jalapeño pepper. Zesty and flavourful this is a cheese to savour


Fresh dill is blended into our Gouda to create a savoury taste delight.


Gouda’s creamy texture and chives fresh taste makes this cheese a light and tasty experience


With whole black peppercorns added throughout the cheese. The peppers add a spicy, sharp flavour with an intense aroma that tastes delicious.


Italian spices are blended with our mild Gouda for a taste experience that is decadent and delicious.


This variety of Gouda Cheese is blended with bits of Nettles to enhance the flavour. Nettle is a common herb. Mildly sharp in flavoured and is soft-textured.

Mild Havarti

Mild and Creamy with a buttery flavour Havarti is Mild enough to suit all palates

Caraway Havarti

Havarti with the savoury flavour of caraway makes this the perfect snacking cheese with a creamy texture.

Habanero Havarti

We have kept the Mild, Creamy buttery flavour and added just right amount of heat. Looking to spice up your life? This cheese is bursting with flavour


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