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Aged Gouda

Aged Gouda (26 weeks +)
As it matures, Gouda becomes darker in color, firmer in texture and much tangier, with a fuller, richer flavor and a more pronounced, spicy aroma.

Medium Gouda

(13 weeks – 25 weeks)
As Gouda ages, it develops a caramel sweetness and has a slight crunchiness and is darker in color.

Mild Gouda

(8 weeks – 12 weeks)
Our mild Gouda has been described as having a flavor that is “lightly fudgy with nuts, but very, very, very mild” with a sweet finish. Gouda is an excellent cooking cheese at all stages and can also be enjoyed at any meal or as a snack.

Feta in Brine

Cow Feta in brine is available in 3kg, 10kg, 11kg and 12kg

Cajun Cheddar Curds

Our Cajun Curds have a fine mix of seasoning creating a mild spicy flavour. Excellent for snacking or spicing up your favourite entrée.

Greek Cheddar Curds

Our Greek Cheese Curds have a distinctive flavouring with a smooth taste and is nicely balanced. Be careful our Greek cheese curds are additive!!! But are meant to be shared.

Roasted Garlic and Pepper Curds

A hint of garlic and red pepper makes this mild squeaky curd a hit at any party or that much needed comfort food

Dill Pickle Curds

Our Dill Pickle Cheddar curds are a fan favourite! Having a special blend of dill added to the cheddar that is distinct and favourable. Served best on a party platter or as your favourite snack.

Cheddar Curds

Fresh and natural and a mild flavour our curds have a springy or rubbery texture and are sure to squeak against your teeth when eaten, a sign of freshness. Our Cheddar Curds are great in poutine, salads or as a snack during your favourite game!


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