Harvey Beijer


Harvey Beijer

Harvey was born and raised near Lethbridge Alberta, on his family’s farm, he was very young at the time his dad took over operations of Crystal Springs. But as part of the family he did end up working in the plant from time to time, Harvey was 13 when the family’s dairy barn burned down. The decision was made to re build. That’s when harvey gained the start of many of his building and construction skills that he has today, at age 14 harvey built a family guest house on the farm out of leftover building materials from the dairy barn they had just constructed. After some short-lived jobs in construction and landscapes, at 18, harvey took up a full-time job at the cheese plant with a few brief pauses for attending community college, and buying / renovating rental properties in both Alberta and Nova Scotia.

Today harvey remains very involved in the cheese plant and has been tasked with overseeing renovations of the cheese plant, as well as any new projects that come along. He also manages the truck that takes all of our product into Calgary, and has recently started to get involved in developing new products to launch into retail sales.

Aside from work harvey enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife Casha, riding his cruiser through the beautiful Rockies, and has taken on some big landscaping projects in his backyard! In his spare time you can often find his having a casual drink with a close friend, or hanging out at home with his wife and their little dog Mazie, Harvey and his wife support a few charities through their church programs and are active members of their communities.


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