Greek Yogurt

One of our latest projects has been developing a very thick, Greek style yogurt. Our product is made from whole milk (4% m.F.) and contains 10% protein. This yogurt is perfect for making dips like tzatziki, and its thick consistency and low fat (compared to a balkan style) make for a great guilt free breakfast or snack!!

Greek Yogurt 4% M.F. is available in 1.25kg, 4 kg, 10kg and 15kg

Goat Feta

Goat Feta available in  3Kg and 10Kg

Cow Feta

Feta in Brine available in 3kg, 10kg, 11kg and 12kg

Goat Feta

Goat Feta available in  200g and 400g

Cow Feta

400g Cow Feta (Crumbled)

Tomato & Basil Feta

150g Tomato/Basil (Crumbled)

Herb & Garlic Feta

150g Herb/Garlic (Crumbled)

Herb and Garlic Havarti

A buttery, creamy, tangy cheese with herbs and garlic spices  a natural fragrant flavor and fresh taste.


Havarti is a mild, very creamy, delicious, semi soft cheese. Mild enough to suit all palates. Aged for about three months is full-flavored and creamy, and it gains a more distinctive taste as its ages.

Goat Cheddar

Goat Cheddar
Our goats milk cheddar is make in small batches and aged just right.
Smooth, nutty and sweet this cheddar is extremely popular and offers a robust flavour


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