Theo Beijer


Theo Beijer

Theo Beijer (Teunis) was born in Ede Netherlands in august 1990, and immigrated with his parents and older brother Jacco when he was 3. He has lived in Lethbridge and area ever since. He has also done home schooling up until his graduation so he can stay on the farm and learn the ropes.

Growing up on Canadian prairies Theo found his passion for farming and taking care of animals! Not only does he spend long days tending to the family dairy which he started managing for his father at a very young age but he also spends a lot of his free time researching better more efficient ways to farm. He cares very much about the health and well-being of his cattle and remembers them individually. He wants only the strongest, healthiest and happiest herd and you can taste that quality in the cheeses made from his cow’s milk at the “Crystal Springs Cheese” plant. Where he also helps when needed. 

While volunteering to run marathons in Florida to raise awareness for rare diseases Theo met his now wife “Amanda (Boot) Beijer” who has also been raised in the dairy lifestyle and they were married in July 2016. Together they are raising a daughter Bronwyn in the dairy lifestyle with hopes she will want to continue the tradition of quality farming. 

Theo has attended numerous dairy seminars improving his knowledge of the farming lifestyle and looks forward to every seminar because it’s a time he can catch up with fellow dairy farmers in the area, as well as learn and improve! In 2018 Theo named the dairy operation “Hybrid Dairies” because of the many different breeds of cattle he raises for milk quality. Theo has also done all the research and has applied the A2 milk genetic into his cattle long before it became a known upgrade to the milk industry because he believed in creating milk and products that people with milk sensitivities can enjoy! Currently Theo is researching other ways to upgrade his herd to suit the needs of more people. 

Theo and his young family travel regularly to Saskatchewan to visit his wife’s family and help out on his in-laws dairy farm. (Never off the farm 😉 The Family also enjoys trips to local lakes to enjoy the water. As Theo’s family grows he looks forward to creating a strong future in dairy for generations to come! 


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