Caraway Havarti

Caraway Havarti with the savoury flavour of caraway makes this the perfect snacking cheese with a creamy texture.

Mild Havarti

Mild and Creamy with a buttery flavour Havarti is Mild enough to suit all palates


This variety of Gouda Cheese is blended with bits of Nettles to enhance the flavour. Nettle is a common herb. Mildly sharp in flavoured and is soft-textured.


Italian Italian spices are blended with our mild Gouda for a taste experience that is decadent and delicious.


Peppercorn With whole black peppercorns added throughout the cheese. The peppers add a spicy, sharp flavour with an intense aroma that tastes delicious.


Chive Gouda’s creamy texture and chives fresh taste makes this cheese a light and tasty experience


Dill Fresh dill is blended into our Gouda to create a savoury taste delight.


Jalapeno With a creamy texture and spicy jalapeño pepper. Zesty and flavourful this is a cheese to savour

Hickory Smoked

Hickory Smoked We take our best Gouda with a sweet smoky flavour and a creamy texture this is sure to become a personal favourite.

Cumin Gouda

Cumin Gouda cheese with a pungent aromatic cumin seeds giving a warm spicy flavour a beautiful blend


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